The Usual Cost of Interior Design Services in Singapore

July 18, 2017

How Much Does Interior Design Usually Cost?

Are you considering to hire an interior designer for your project? Is the price uncertainty what is putting you off? Well, interior design does not cost as much as most of you think. In fact, calling in a professional to do your interior design may be much cheaper than doing it yourself. Interior designers bring a variety of skills into your project. A professional helps keep the project on budget and in time. An interior designer will not only help select and use the best materials but also give an advantage of trade discounts on the materials.

What Is The Average Cost Of Interior Design?

The size of the project to be undertaken determines the value of interior design. What is it that you want to achieve? Is it to redecorate your house or are you trying to achieve maximum space and its use? Knowing what it is you want helps determine the type and size of the project as well as the professional required in the interior design job, that is, a decorator or designer.

Different designers use different pricing structures. Therefore, depending on your project size, interior design may cost between $400 and $20,000. The cost is inclusive of the cost of materials and labor.

Do I Need a Designer or Decorator?

A designer and decorator are two different professionals. Understanding which one of them you need earlier on in the project determines whether you spend little or too much in interior design. Whereas designers are qualified professionals who receive formal training and accreditation, decorators do not require having any formal training to be able to give you the desired look in your home. Thus, Interior designers are more expensive to hire than interior decorators. The former work alongside architects in drawing up the look of the house and in construction whereas the later are concerned only with the d├ęcor implemented in a room to give it some unique appearance.

How Much Do Interior Designers Cost?

The cost of an interior designer greatly depends on the cost structure employed. However, most of them charge hourly rates for each project. The current market prices per hour range from $50 to $200 depending on the kind of designer needed or employed. Therefore, the total cost of the project is determined by the hours used in it. Some of the interior designers charge depending on the cost of the materials bought. This means that you agree on a markup charged against every material purchased. Other designers charge per square foot bringing in a flat rate that will be determined by your property’s size.

How to ensure that there are No Surprise Costs

Many people complain about hidden costs in the project. Mind you, this is in every other project and not just interior design. Therefore, it is good to be clear with your interior designer from the beginning on your budget. Make sure your designer is aware of the maximum amount that you are willing to lay out on the project. Also, ensure that you understand their pricing structure and be involved in the project so that you understand what exactly is happening.


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